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Adult Educational Project

Pastors  JOHN  and  LORI  from Wisconsin sent hundreds of books at Christmas for Pastors and Ministers in South Africa.

Books donated and handed out at Christmas for Pastors & Ministers

  We have shipped hundreds of new & used Christian books to help Africa. Many of these people have never had encyclopedias or Christian books. How many of you have used books sitting around your house?  Books on discipleship, building character, biblical education, testimonies & biographies.   Material on job skills and "how to" get jobs is also a help.

    I frequently go to garage sales when state side.  You may pick up many books for 25 cents.  Can you help with books? 

    In recent weeks, several other township representatives have asked for used books and Bibles. You may never be able to go inside one of these townships, but a book can go anywhere! You may not be able to go to South Africa physically to preach, but you can send your favorite authors or teaching books to speak for you. One message can reach hundreds of people. Our most recent shipment contained many books on marriage, family and parenting.

    It is the same with cassette tapes. We have been shipping hundreds of new and used cassette music and teaching tapes, giving them freely to people in need. It is a great encouragement to people to receive "just the right message at just the right time!" In just one month alone the Lord helped us give out over 1,000 free tape cassettes. PTL!!! Once we were able to provide tapes from Cops for Christ USA to the police department in South Africa. If you have old cassette players they are also needed. Or you can sponsor a new one for $25.

    Books and tapes donated should be sound biblical doctrine. They may be used, even marked in, but please no torn pages. We need Bibles - people are waiting.

  Adult Educational Project Items Needed  

  • Any used Christian books (should be of sound doctrine not controversial)
  • Any educational books (should not contradict scripture)
  • Any vocational book to help train for jobs
  • (typing, carpentry, mechanical, beauty, sewing, nursing, cooking,
  • cleaning, sales, printing, computer etc.)
  • Dictionaries, vocabulary training, grammar books
  • Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Commentaries
  • Question & Answer books
  • Books or manuals on how to fix cars
  • Science books
  • Animal Study books
  • All kinds of Encyclopedias
  • Testimony books, Biographical books
  • Geographic books
  • Magazines - like Life, Newsweek, Saturday Eve Post etc.
  • Christian Magazine or Monthly Updates with teaching in them
  • Billy Graham, Guideposts, Four Square, Last Days Ministries, YWAM,
  • Charisma,
  • Christianity Today,
  • Parents Magazine
  • Ladies Journals, Women's Day, Christmas Magazines, McCalls,
  • Contemporary Music Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Field and Stream,
  • Health Today
  • Mechanics Today
  • Farm Magazines, Animal Husbandry
  • Gardening Magazines, Organic Gardening.
  • Any magazines you feel would be a blessing.

  • Any tape cassettes which have Pastoral teaching from church, or
  • good sound basic
  • teaching is acceptable. Teaching on marriage, family, parenting,
  • children, are
  • especially needed. Music tapes are also good. We do not wish any
  • secular Rock music. Only
  • Contemporary, Choir, Inspirational or Classic please.
  All items should be placed in a box with cover, and taped. Address to Adult Education Project - RSA
Please see How to Ship to South Africa Projects.  


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