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     Christmas came to the Orange Farm Squatter Camp in a very tangible way
as we took a convoy of 2 trucks and several cars loaded up with LOVE PACKETS
OF FOOD for the precious people at Pastor Anthony Sithole's church! Along
with 100 children's gift packets!

     Everyone was so excited! Pastor William Popper and Evangelist Sidney Francis gave the message, then there was an altar call for Salvation and prayer for the congregation THEN Pastor Anthony began to read off each name of each family and we gave them 4-5 packets of food - plus a big beautiful lovely delicious Christmas Cake!

     I must thank PICK N PAY grocery store as they spent almost 2 days packing and sorting and tallying up all the food. I had a very long list...and each family was given 2 chickens with all the staples listed below the pictures..so they had an awesome CHRISTMAS dinner and I am sure enough to share with needy neighbors and family members! Special thanks to Managers Robert and Sydwell for all their oversight and help in coordinating this wonderful event! Sydwell even personally paid a truck driver to help
with the delivery of the food to the church.

     A highlight was when I gave Pastor Anthony a new Cell phone. He shared with the congregation that he had given his cell phone away to a needy member and now the cell phone we presented to him, had the same camera and stuff his other one had that he gave away...so he was so "over the moon" that GOD had remembered to the very last detail of what he needed. He sent me an email that night saying he was online in the internet for 7 hours and it cost him nothing - where if he had to have used a landline that would of been very expensive. So thank you one and all who helped, including AGAPE FELLOWSHIP. PASTOR JOE KITE, AND PASTOR ERIC HOEGER, BELIEVERS CHAPEL IN BIG
BEAR, AND WAYSIDE  HARVESTERS FOR CHRIST, MEL GERRARD, and our precious partners for making this possible!

     At the same time, we were able to send from Covenant Life Church in Duarte, Pastor Earl Johnson enough funds for the Leper Colony to celebrate their Christmas dinner and have a rice banquet! ALL IN ALL WE HAD A WONDERFUL DAY!

Do not forget or neglect to do kindness and good to be generous and distribute and contribute to the needy (of the church as embodiment and proof of fellowship) for such sacrifices are well-pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16 Amplified.

Below is a Thank you note from Pastor Sithole

Dear Sondra,

       People  keep coming to thank us  for the Christmas food parcels you gave on Christmas eve.  One lady actually said it is ten years since she last  remember preparing food at her home on a Christmas day. She says normally  she would visit Christian homes or eat at church on a Christmas ever since she was retrenched from work.    Now you can see how much you are doing for the people.  We thank the Lord for you.

  Pastor Anthony Sithole.
Orange Farm, Johannesburg, South Africa


 A FOOD PARCEL Contained  the following items...and we prepared to  feed up to  500 people...

1 large bag of Rice
1 bag of Maize or Mealie Meal (5k's)
2 precooked barbeque Chickens which Pick and Pay have prepared especially for us
1 bag of potatoes
1 bag of apples
1 pkg of onions
1 pkg of tomatoes
1 container of oil
1 carton milk (many do not have frig's this is what they use)
1 pkg of fresh carrots
1 head of cabbage
1 Christmas Cake
1 loave of bread
1 carton of eggs
1 box of Rooibus Tea

2008 Sondra Berry Young Ministries
P.O. Box 92802 Pasadena, California 91109
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