This shipment was made possible by the efforts of
  multiple groups working together for the same cause. These Groups include 
Alaskan Coastal Testament Seafood (ACTS), OHM (One Heart Ministry),
Sondra Berry Young Ministries (Distribution), Missionary Expediters (Trucking),
 World Emergency Relief (Shipping over seas) as well as local fishermen, who transported the fish
  to Seattle were it could be picked up by the larger organizations.
Hands of Compassion - 375 cases
Ark Christian Ministries - Durban received 44 cases 
Buthelezi Emanuel - Pinetown received 18 cases 
Pat Caldwell - Pietermaritzburg received 18 cases 
 Edwin Froise - Eshowe, Zululand received 18 cases 
Gateway Projects - Pietermaritzburg received 18 cases 
Le Roux Koos - Jezini received 18 cases 
Pastor Masikane - Maphamulo received 18 cases 
 McCord Hospital - David Agates - Durban received 61 cases 
Ncube Johannes - Don Wright - Hillcrest received 18 cases 
Ray Schweggman - Durban received 18 cases 
Peter Sharp - Durban received 18 cases 
ThompsonTasty Meats - D.V. Thompson - 7 Missionaries received 54 cases
June Van Vuuren - Don Wright - Hillcrest received 18 cases 
Pastor Mtshali - Ulundi received 18 cases 
Estcourt Christian Center - Dave Carnegie -Eshowe, Zululand received 18 cases
              This is the result of one shipment: Total 750 cases received.
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