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Project Philip
Food Project 
Rose Pieterson, works with Hands of Compassion 
Rose Pieterson, works with Hands of Compassion 
PROJECT PHILIP - is our outreach to help feed the poor in South Africa. Named after Dr. Philip Ray (his picture is below). He was a very Godly Baptist minister who pastored in South Africa for many years. It was reported that as a mere boy of  8, upon returning from school Philip would go to his room for prayer before speaking to any member of the family. He and his wife Peggy hosted Corrie Ten Boom in their home while Corrie was recovering from a virus in South Africa. Both Peggy and Philip were responsible for helping to get Christian TV in South Africa through TBN, truly, a blessing from God. Another great Dr. Philip Raysacrificial thing they have done was to feed the poor, especially the elderly. By denying themselves fancy banquets and eating out, they would send money to feed the poor. Over the years, they sent a large amount of money to help feed the hungry in South Africa. We want to give aide and help the poor more in the future. Dr. Philip Ray and Peggy moved back to America some time ago, and we became good friends. They have always encouraged me in the work of South Africa. Dr. Ray went home to be with Jesus four weeks after my daughter Anna was taken from me. We have decided to honor Philips life by naming our program - PROJECT PHILIP. 

We also want to help Rhema Bible Church's Hands Of Compassion ministry who has 70 soup kitchens in South Africa. They are currently feeding 15,000 people on a weekly basis.   South Africa has a high rate of unemployment, and there are many hungry people.  Matt 25:35 "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me drink." Let's all help where we can. Remember, Matt 25 is our responsibility. 

You can help sponsor a soup kitchen with any amount of funds. 100% of those funds will go directly to purchase food in South Africa. 

Also needed are bags of rice, beans, canned goods, and any dried soup stock. 

People at squatter camp rejoice as the receive donations of canned fish from America
Below are some photographs taken at one of the 70 kitchens
Needed Items
We need canned food - dented cans are fine
Canned vegetables are excellent
Canned fruit
Canned juices
Canned meat
Rice, brown or white, minute or bagged
Dry beans
Boxed dinners - macaroni etc.
Seasoning mixes
No frozen food
no jarred food - like preserves or syrups
flour, cereals, oatmeal,
No teas, they have there own and are better then ours
Coffee is fine - should be canned
Anything noodle wise is OK - spaghetti, stroganoff etc.
Anything that can be put into a soup mix.
Soup starters like beef bouillon cups or mix or chicken cubes - excellent
Canned soups of any kind
Pancake mixes
Salt/pepper/garlic salt/
Cake mixes
Jell-O and pudding mixes
Any creative ideas you might have - just add
Special Needs to feed the Poor
15,000 small plastic containers are needed 
for the soup kitchens. There are 70 of them. They need containers for 
the soup and or water. Please save your margarine or butter 
cups that are plastic. Does anyone have access to a large 
amount of them? And or any other containers? 
Items should be put into a box or boxes,
sealed with tape and marked for Project Philip
See How to Ship to South Africa Projects.
Pastor Alan and Xana McCauley, Directors of Hands of Compassion


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