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December 7, 1992 
Dear  Peggy: 

On behalf of Jan, myself and the entire TBN family, please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the passing of Brother Ray. 

We will always owe a debt of gratitude to you and Brother Ray for paving the way for Christian television in Africa.  Your prayers, struggles and tears are what opened the door for TBN to build a Christian TV station in Bisho, Ciskei--the very first Christian television station on the entire African continent!    The station in Ciskei was just the beginning of what we believe God has planned for  Africa.  As you know, TBN has  branched out  and is now reaching the entire Republic of South Africa on the SABC as well as having three stations on the air in Transkei,  with four more scheduled for construction there.  TBN's programs are also reaching the nations Namibia,  Lesotho,  Bophuthatswana,  Swaziland,  and  Zaire  with negotiations  underway for a station in Uganda. We  have  also received reports from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and other African nations where people are receiving TBN via our short wave radio station. 

We praise God for the blessed legacy that Brother Ray leaves behind him.  Even though his earthly work is done, the fruit of his labors will last for all eternity. 

God bless you. Please know that we hold you and your family in our hearts and prayers and ask the Lord to give you His peace and comfort during this difficult time. 

Sincerely your brother in Christ, 
Paul F. Crouch 

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