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Hello Everyone!

 Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa! How do you like my NEW METHOD OF TRANSPORTATION?? Just kidding!! You wouldn't't think that while driving to the market by my house I would run into a small herd of Elephants..but that is exactly what happened to me on this particular occasion! All of the sudden out of no where there were the most beautiful elephant I have ever seen. I jumped out of the car and ran up to the men who were helping to graze the Elie's. 

   I asked, could I pllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssse ride one, ppplllllllleeassssssse? He said YES! So here I am on the first elephant I ever rode. Boy it was sure different then any other ride I had ever been on! It is not like riding a horse at all. See how big the Ely is across his back. and there are hairs that feel very wiry against my legs as I am sitting. I have to hold on his ears as there is no saddle.  And beleive me when you get off the elephant you KNOW you did not ride something small.. I felt a little bow-legged that day!! Of course, I am sure he had no idea we would met today and start a wonderful friendship!  After that I would go each day to take the Elie's apples, bread, carrot, veggies, oranges and potatoes to eat. They just love them. The trainer spoke to me one day.he said, "you know you are different! We have been watching you. We are READING YOUR LIFE! You are not like the other people here." You know we are a Living Epistle known and read of all men.....even in the littlest deeds we do, not just to men and woman and children but even in how we take care of God's creatures!  Another day they brought the littlest lion out to play so I put some pics of him and his play mate a dog for you to see. I live very close to a Lion Reserve and very close to a Rhino Reserve. God's creations are so awesome to watch! THANK YOU JESUS FOR GIVING  US LIONS AND TIGERS AND ELEPHANTS AND OSTRICHES, AND ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS - WHAT A THOUGHTFUL FATHER YOU ARE INDEED!

    On our website www.SaveAfrica.org  there are many Wild Animal Reserves you can go and take a peak at, and next time you visit Africa you can come and see WILD ONES too!Or visit Zimbabwe and ride an elephant on a Safari into the wild!  Or you can adopt a wild animal at Tippi Hedrens Wild Life Center right in America or you can even adopt an animal at the zoo. Let's take care of God's creations, he has left them on earth for us to enjoy! By the way these Elie's are part of Brians Circus!  Once or twice a year Brian's circus comes to town and they allow me the privilege of taking underprivileged children to see the animals. Almost 100 children come from Aides Orphanages, Squatter camps, homeless areas and are allowed to both see the animals, pet some of them, and feed zebras and camels carrots. Some are even allowed to ride on the ponies they bring. 

       I understand that the animals live on an animal reserve and roam around the reserve most all year. Then once or twice a year they come in to bless people with their wonderful circus. Thank GOD for people who love animals! In South Africa, people treasure this gift. There are many many reserves, parks and natural habitats where animals are in their natural environment for people to come and view.  I recently was on the Cheetah Reserve where they are raised and then released back into the wild. In fact in one area, the airport was having trouble with too many rodents so they asked for cheetahs to be brought in and roam freely to rid the area of their problem, 

        Take time to see the sites on www.SaveAfrica.org where you too can watch and visit the animals.  I saw over 60 wild elephant in one day  many playing in the water and rolling around in mud...they look so harmless...........but these are WILD and you cannot pet them.

  I remember so many many years ago when I saw my first WILD ELEPHANT UP CLOSE...REAL CLOSE...TOO CLOSE! I was with Diane Geyer in a Tourist Bus with a team of Pastors. Diane and I were praying to see an Elephant. I was in the front seat of the bus. All of the sudden - out of the BUSH an Elephant walked right in front of our bus. I tell you the FEAR OF THE LORD hit me. I got up and went from the front of the bus..................right into the back of the bus...............IT WAS TOO BIG AND FIERCE FOR ME!!! Even in the wild, I respect them, and give them their space. In May of this year I was with Jontea and Sondra Jr. at Kruger park.We decided to take some dirt roads and get off the paved tourist road where not too much wild life was seen in the heat of the day. 

       As we drove further and further off the beaten track we came to some trees, and while turning the corner, there stood before me 2 BIG BULLS. I tell you, I backed my car up so fast backward.....Jontea was yelling GO BACK GO BACK................NO WAY HOSEA.. THAT WAS JUST A LITTLE TO CLOSE FOR ME. Not to long ago, an elephant actually trampled a car with someone in it and they were killed. Being quiet when approaching them is key, and passing them quietly is a must. Any sudden noise can spook them! On Pilanesberg nature reserve (see our SaveAfrica.org site)  we saw our largest groups of Elephant. One rolling in the mud...then when driving around the corner whole herds were playing tusk to tusk in the water. See Zimbabwe update we have some on slide show there.

              After parking at a viewing platform which was enclosed by a wooden fence, I heard a big ruckus outside the gate. Even all the baboons who were eating in the trees were making a big clammer! Apparently the elephant had come up out of the water and surrounded the entire camp. No cars could go forward or back and people were panicking not knowing what the elephants would do. Imagine a handful of cars and 60 some wild elephants surrounding you. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...........and I think many in Africa love to experience the WILD LIFE EXPERIENCE that leaves you changed forever! We saw lots of Rhino though. Sondra Jr. seems to be able to pick them out from a mile away! She has such good eyesight! Jontea, well he says he used to live next to a reserve in Kenya, but have never had been inside one till he met me. Now its been one adventure after another....and seeing the WILD gets into your blood! 




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  Richard Shorten helps take a group of  beautiful kids to our Circus Outreach! PTL!

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