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Elijah's Barrel

     ELIJAH’S BARREL- is a fund for helping maids (they work 6-7 days a week for as low as US$70-$200 a month) in South Africa.  In my opinion, it is one of the hardest working and lowest paid jobs in South Africa. This fund helps mothers who have small children with milk & food for their children. This also provides a breath of relief for women whose husbands are wayward bound, alcoholic or jobless. Often a township husband will come home drunk, beat his wife, take her wages from her after she has worked very hard for 6 - 7 days to earn that money. Then he will go out and buy more to drink. It leaves the wife with no money for food for her children. We want to help at those times. There are no "safe" houses within the townships for mothers who are abused to go for help as in the USA. Are you a mother?  Does your heart ache to help hurting moms who are helpless?  You can help by giving to this fund.


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