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Welcome to Adventures at the Circus
we took kids by taxis and by bus and
20 kids rode in my truck!!! And they
sang all the way home!

Children's School Outreach to Circus-OH WHAT FUN!

          Special thanks to Sidney in Lanasia, who helped hire taxis to bring school children into Brian's Circus; and Pastor Graham Green who used his bus to bus in more children - so everyone one could see the circus...a once in a life time event for these precious school children. They said they had never seen a lion or tiger or clown or circus ever  before! The SMILES were unmistakable! And the ooooo's and aughssssssss were so heart warming! Brian and his wife allowed all the children to go free of charge. For many years they have allowed me to bring hundreds of children to be entertained by their circus staff and animals, and what a wonderful experience it has been for them. Some children have never been out of a squatter camp or township before - so what a wonderful experience!

     There were special seats, and special treats for all the kids who were ableto come! And we were able to BLESS the principal - Lydia with a "special GIFT" to help. Special thanks to all of you who helped sponsor this special event! Word at Work, Al & Jayne Houghton sponsored each and every lollypop for these children along with a special gift to the principal.

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