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     We took 110 children who would never have seen a CIRCUS had we not taken them! They had the time of their life! 11 were in my little car - 21 were in my truck - Pastor Ida had 31 in her truck - Rose Pieterson said she had over 30 in her Kombie - and the rest Graham Green took in his Bus...we left over 50 kids standing who wanted to come but we did not have enough cars or transport to bring them. I can take up to 300 children - I think it is time to believe GOD for a BIG BUS that will carry at least 100 kids at a time.......even 3 BUSES would be perfect for us! The more the merrier and less stress of trying to get kids to the outreaches!


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We appreciate your financial help. We have two methods that you can use: mailing a check, or making a payment on-line using Paypal service. Sondra Berry Young Ministries is a nonprofit organization, and your contributions are tax deductible. We will mail you a receipt for your contribution.

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Please make check payable to Sondra Berry Young Ministries and mail to:
Sondra Berry Young Ministries
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