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Anna's Closet

ANNA'S CLOSET -Is a ministry to clothe the needy in South Africa. Anna's Closet is one of two projects dedicated to the memory of my daughter Anna.   We are shipping used clothes overseas. baby clothes, children's clothes, teenagers clothes, and adult clothes are all badly needed in the poorest areas.  Anyone who knew Anna knew she had a closet full of clothes that overflowed. She was always giving things away. In honor of Anna, we have named this program after her.

    If you have any used clothing, please send it to South Africa. There is a great need for blankets, especially in the winter months. In South Africa the temperature can drop below zero degrees in July and August. There are many "squatters" and refugees who have no shelter or homes. Blankets are needed and freely given to help keep them warm. You may send blankets or the funds to buy blankets.
Can your church take up a "clothes offering?"  Here's a great opportunity to meet needs. Jesus said in Matt.25:36...."I was naked and you clothed me."  If you want to fulfill God's command to clothe the naked - here is your opportunity!!

    Items should be washed, no holes or buttons missing. Used shoes are great - mens, boys, womens (no high heels please), girls, and especially children’s. Tennis shoes are great! Mens dress shoes are welcome. Mens old suits, shirts, ladies skirts, blouses, purses, sweaters, coats, undergarments, scarves, and handkerchiefs (mens and womens).

    We previously shipped 40,000 pounds of clothes to South Africa - some went into Mozambique.  People were so grateful to receive the much needed items. The missions team reported back that many people wept as they were given a bowl of soup and the clothing along with gospel tracts.
Items Needed for Project 
Anna’s Closet
Ladies Wear

any dresses, suits, blouses, ladies brushes, combs - clean, skirts, eye glasses or sun glasses, nightgowns, bathrobes, used wallets, coin purses, undergarments, undershirts, slips, socks or nylons, belts, purses, shoes (no high heels), sweaters, coats, hats, T shirts, knee highs, panty hose 

Men’s Wear

shirts - T-shirts, undershirts, neck Ties, belts, hats, wallets, men's shoes, boats, slippers, coats, suit coats, jackets, bathrobes, sleep wear, wind breakers, nylon blazers, long pants, under shorts, socks, sport Jackets, sweaters, vests, sweat shirts 

Children’s Clothes

shoes, shoes and more shoes - a real need   book or school bags - used OK, long pants, shorts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, slippers, sleepwear, sweat shirts 

Miscellaneous Needs
Blankets - one of the greatest needs, old throw rugs, suite cases, children's or adults sheets, bedspreads, comforters, towels, face clothes, used sleeping bags, pillow cases 

tennis shoes, boots, flats, dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, oxfords, rainboots, slipon's, slippers 

Please make sure all items are clean, not missing any buttons, has zippers all working.  Please make sure there are no holes in any items, or stains. Items can be used but in good condition. 
Send items boxed to:
Pastor Xana McCauley
c/o Anna's Closet Hands of Compassion.
Private Bag X3062
Randburg 2125
South Africa

See How to Ship Items to Africa


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