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First Trip to the Nigerian Leper Colony

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Dear Friends, Family and Partners,

Thank you for being part of the team and sending me forth to touch and win souls for JESUS! I wanted to send you an update form my trip from South Africa into the very heart of Nigeria, into a leper colony with Dr. Carl Conley and Dr. Felix Omobude. This was the 20th country I have been to, so it was very exciting and special.

The lush green jungle was absolutely amazing! I have never seen such beauty and greenery with long rivers of water going in and out. I thought of David Livingstone and how wonderful it would be to stay and go through all those jungles just exploring! I actually did not want to leave Nigeria once inside. It was hot, very hot and humid and I was wet most of the time.

Hospital in Leper Colony
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"Behold a leper came & worshipped Him..." Matt. 8:2

"Then a leper came to him, kneeling down to him, imploring him, saying to him,'if you are willing, you can make me clean.' Jesus moved with compassion put out his hand and touched him..."
Mk. 1:40.41

But when we came into the leper colony it was one of the highlights of my life! I was so touched that many lepers in the colony were so strong for JESUS! As we were leaving they began singing. Some were lifting up what was left of their hands, missing fingers, some had eyes missing, but their head lifted up toward heaven. Some had toes and feet missing, and flesh eaten by the ravaging disease of leprosy. Yet they would take the nubs of what was left of their hands, hold pan lids together beating them to a timely tune. Another had a gourd she shook, in symphony to make this grand noise unto God! Indeed though their bodies were handicapped there were FREE inside! What a testimony they are to God!

Living in the most PRIMITIVE conditions, along with having no human contact with the outside world. Imagine one of these ladies had been here since 14 years old, now well over 70. Can you imagine never going to a store or shopping center or even to church on Sunday? Yet in these very worst of conditions they still took time to thank God for us coming to minister to them.

There are 2500 people in the colony and only one doctor there to help them. The government is supposed to take care of them, but we found most people did not even know there were there. Dr. Ornobude said he grew up in a village just 2k away from the colony but never know they lived there. They were hidden away from the community because people were horrified thinking they would catch leprosy. But because there were not being taken care of medically or had food they took to the streets begging. Since Dr. Omobude found out they were there. He and Life Link have helped to build a TB ward and I understand CBN helped recently with a building.

In response to a recent email update of our adventure (you too can receive email updates by sending us your email address) Dr. Irene Jenkins from PUSH prayer ministries called me and said a group of senior citizens had pictures for the leper colony buildings. There are in terrible condition, most falling down, or help up by sticks. Nothing is on any of the walls. In addition a Girl Scout Troop has drawn special pictures for them to see and a group of third graders joined in the fun and sent pictures. Patricia Prim from Women's Aglow donated some scarves for women, so I have a suitcase full of goodies to take back and bless the leper colony with.

I am asking that people send us post cards of their city or write down prayer requests. When I go back to the colony, I want to be able to give these lepers the prayer requests. Let's see these lepers raised up in a mighty army of intercessors for Jesus. They can lay hands or nubs on these postcards as a point of contact. I will take maps and other items. Perhaps, you would like to send a postcard with a scripture or a letter of encouragement for them to read. I believe Jesus wants to use them right were they are for the Glory of GOD!

There is so much more to the adventure to tell you, but this is all this newsletter permits. I am on my way back to South Africa in 2 weeks time. We are believing Jesus for a TENT costing $3000 USA funds. We had thought to rent one but in the long run it will be cheaper to buy it out right. We have found some power sound systems for $39 each. We would like to see sponsors for those as well for the squatter camp. Pastors in rural areas to preach the gospel.

And as always we need sponsors and partners to help send us forth into places like these in Africa. The airfare from Johannesburg only to Nigeria came to less than $500 round trip. Who would like to sponsor my next flight to touch and bless these precious lepers for JESUS? Would you like to be a sponsor? I was asked to come back and preach in Nigeria. Dr. Omobude has a church of 8,000 people and 48 other churches he oversees. There are sooo many wonderful on fire Christians in Nigeria, however there is much Islamic persecution against them. PRAY for the Christians there and REJOICE for that God is doing there! And don't forget to pray for the Leper Colony.

God's Blessings to You All,

Sondra Berry Young

The lush green jungle and river A beautiful and most precious leper lady. Children receiving toys Bread for the hungry
Living structure falling apart - they need builders to come and build Another toy for Jesus Dr. & Mrs. OmObude

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