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Sondra with Children who have just received

The little hand carved wooden truck, Sondra
filled with fruit and soccer ball for kids

Pastor giving children instructions after receiving

Sondra got Bibles for entire village They had
never had a Bible before!

Children delightfully playing
with the soccer ball

If you look carefully you will see the entire
villagers comingout to play with the ball

On border we went into Mozambique

Precious Children

How adorable is this!

Sondra with Pastor Joyce and friend

Women's meeting in Malawi

Women's meeting in Malawi

Moz Village

Notice the 2 different shoes on each foot!

     I  had been bedridden with a soaring fever 104 degrees, battling the flu all
week in South Africa. I had been asked to come and speak to group in Malawi,
Africa. I had felt God was leading me to go. I had no ticket, no money, and
did not know the people I was going to meet. Nor did I feel an ounce of
strength to go. Yet, there was that inward knowing I must get up, I must get
well, and I must go and share JESUS!

     I called a friend for prayer and found she and her husband had friends
staying with them; he was a street preacher and evangelist. That night the
evangelist arrived at my house, knelt down and said the Lord had told him to
come and pray for my healing. He did, and then placed in my hand the full
money for the entire ticket to fly round trip to Malawi from Johannesburg,
South Africa, My! How faithful is our God!

     The next day, I woke up with only a slight fever, so I went on to the
airport and boarded the flight, I had never been there before, and was told
the Pastor and his wife (whom I had never met) would find me. Little did I
know that such a little act of obedience to that inner tug of God's leading
would net such a harvest of souls and blessing for the kingdom of God! They
met me at the airport and took me onto the conference grounds. I had been
told in advance there would be no toilets, (only a hole in the floor) and a
mattress to sleep on. Much to my surprise it had a room with a bed and
blanket, so I was already feeling very spoiled.

     The conference was wonderful! God moved in a VERY wonderful way for this
very special group of people. One lady came with bare feet, she said she had
walked 2 days to hear me preach about our loving Savior Jesus! It was hard
not to keep back the tears when I looked down to behold her cracked, very
swollen feet. So many of us are so very spoiled! Including me!!

     When I see such needs, I'm always moved to give away my dress or what ever
goodies I am able to bring. But the need that day was greater than my
resources. Another woman who had come to the conference ran up to me with
her child saying, her child had been healed! I asked what from? She said,
'Yesterday when I brought my child for prayer, she had drunk poison. There
was no hope for him. No transport, hospital or clinic near by. So I brought
her here you prayed for her, and GOD HEALED HER!' We all rejoiced with her
and loved on the little child!

       The next day I went down near the Mozambique border, in the early morning
and I came upon a little village. It was beautiful, little huts surrounding
the grasslands at the base of the hill. My eyes were drawn to a young boy
riding a donkey, with many young children and teens standing around him.

     I yelled, "Stop the car! I want to talk to that guy on the donkey!" So we
stopped, and I walked into the middle of the group. It turned out the young
fellow on the donkey understood English, so I spoke with him about JESUS and
he received Him as His Lord and Savior! Then he became my interpreter the
rest of the group! As I stood there amongst this village and its people, I
sensed Destiny in motion as they came from hut after hut to where I stood.

     After finishing, we quickly drove back to the town to see if I could find
some Bibles for them in their own language. (Well, it was really not so
"quickly", but we got there). I realized I had no money, not a cent.
However, I did have a watch, and two rings which I was wearing. So first we
found a pawnshop and I was given enough money to get Bibles for each person
we counted. Then I saw a little hand made truck (at that time they did not
have toy stores or toys of any kind for that matter in the area we were in!)

     I bartered for the truck, surrendering my watch to a local pawn shop I was
able to get funds for bananas and fruit to take back for food to them. Then
I saw a store with a beautiful soccer ball in it, but by then I was out of
money.  I walked in anyway and met an Indian gentleman and his wife. I asked
if they would take my two rings in trade for the ball for the village
children.  They discussed it, with each other and finally the woman nodded
yes to her husband. These were my favorite rings and it was hard to hand
them over, but I did. As I turned to walk away, the woman handed them back
to her husband, he put them into my hand, and said " just take the ball for
the village!" My heart welled up, and tears came. I know money is hard to
come by in Malawi. This was a sacrifice for these shop owners!

     We drove back to the village, and greeted our new converts with the gifts
of Bibles and fruit, an of course, the new ball! Only this time the adults
came running out too, wanting to play with the ball! Such little things, a
little fruit, a ball and almost a hundred  Bibles and the gospel of Christ
in my heart and on my lips, but what a Big blessing it was to that village
that day!

            For some time after that the Pastor I was with went back to that
village and held a weekly Bible Study...isn't the LORD GOOD!!!

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