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1. Pray and read your Bible before leaving the house on any given day.  (Man ought to talk to God about men, before talking to Men about God).

2. Go out in two's or threes - if your  intention is to go witnessing go with someone.  Jesus always sent the disciples out two by two. Ecclesiastes says, two are better than one for if one fails the other lifts him up and a three fold cord is not easily broken.  One can talk and one can pray.

3. While waiting alongside of someone who is witnessing, continue to pass out tracts while you are waiting.  Do not interrupt someone who is currently engaged in speaking.  If you feel you have something to share, wait until they are finished Then ask, if you might share one more thing with them.  Don't be a "know it all".

4. Do not engage in arguing with your prospective candidate you are witnessing to.  You may win the argument and lose the convert.  Use wisdom when talking.

5. While  witnessing do not get side tracked with side issues.  Stay on the main theme, sharing with them about being born-again and their personal need for
receiving Christ.

6. Don't talk too much.  Sometimes we need to be God's ears along with allowing God  to use our voice.

7. Never ask someone if they are a Christian.  Ask directly, have you ever asked Jesus Christ into your life and asked him to forgive you of your sins.

8. Please don't yell things at people or make unkind remarks, particularly to  the homosexual community as it only generates strife and contention.  We go out as a representative of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.  Be respectful.  Be patient.

9. Always remember, witnessing is simply presenting the facts that you know - your experience, testimony and what the Bible says.  Soul winning is presenting someone with the actual opportunity to make a decision - asking them directly to pray with you to receive Christ.

10. If the Lord allows you to be in dialogue with someone,  always ask to pray with them at the end of the conversation.  They may need a job, healing in their marriage or a way ward child who needs help. Let God use you.  Don't be afraid to ask.  If they say no, don't push, say something like "God Bless you, have a good day."  Sometimes a one minute prayer may achieve more than a ten minute talk.  Press home fundamental truths.

11. Always smile when handling some one a tract.  It helps to extend your hand with the tract and say "Hello", or "Good Morning" or "Good Evening" and then your phrase you wish to use with the tract. Being kind and courteous is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and must be exercised at all times.

12. If you have a "pull, leading or feeling" for a particular individual -take an opportunity to converse with that person while the feeling continues. Do not witness to someone just because of the way they are dressed.  A child's soul is as important as a business man, a punk rocker or a housewife. All types of people need to be born again.

13. Don't ever take a sinner's side against another Christian, even if you agree with him.

14. Don't defend the Bible, it defends you.

15. You don't need to be suspicious or try to see through people you are about to minister to.We  need to see these people through their difficulties, etc.

16. A person does not care how much you KNOW until they KNOW how much you care.

17. Guard your own spirit and temper.  Some people want no better than to see you angry and lose your witness.

18. Stress the positive benefits of making a commitment.

19. Do not put tracts in houses mail boxes as it is against the law. Utilize a rubber band and hang the tract on their door knob if they are not home, or lay it on their patio.

20. Do not put tracts under wind shield wipers on cars.  It aggravates people who are trying to drive away and who have not seen the paper.  It can cause loss of sight through the window and even help aid in causing an accident.  Also if a  wiper is broken, you can be accused of vandalizing their vehicle.  Rather place the tract in the crack of the door on the driver's side.  That way when he approaches the car he/she sees it right away as he/she places the key in the door

21. Do not hand out tracts or place them on tables of restaurants without obtaining permission from the owner.  It is private property and the same applies inside of a city mall.  It is better to get permission first than to be asked to leave the area.

22. If you are in an area and are requested to leave by the Police or other officials, leave.  You can always go to another corner or another area and avoid strife and arguing.

23. Do not dress down in order to witness to someone Jesus did not change his  robe to witness to the prostitute or the tax man.  He remained the same, i.e. Pat Boone. We do not have to look like the world in order to win people trapped by the world and their customs.  We should bring people up to the better way of life we are offering through Jesus Christ.

24. Do not use voice amplifiers without first establishing if you need a permit to use this method of communicating in the area you are going to. That way you are covered if you are stopped by the authorities and asked for a copy of your permit.  Also, half mail hailers or megaphones are only used to amplify your voice.  It is not necessary to yell or scream through them.  People resent being yelled or screamed at and are more likely to respond to a  non-offensive tone of voice.

25. Do not interrupt what someone is doing in order to witness to them.  If they are sitting, sit with them.  If they are walking, walk with them. Join yourself to that "chariot" as long as what they are doing is not  sin.Rather accentuate or do something which compliments what they are doing.

26. Always ask permission before opening your Bible to share scripture with someone.  That way when they say "Yes", they are opening the door for the Holy Spirit to minister to them.  Allow them to view the scripture as you read it to them verbally.

27. Look for loners or stragglers.  It is often easy to share the gospel with someone who is alone.

28. Don't get upset if people refuse to take a tract from you  If they refuse to read your tract they will in fact not fail to read you! Always walk in love.

Handing out tracts is addictive and very damaging to the devil's kingdom. It frees many souls from spiritual blindness and the slavery of sin and brings  people into the liberty to be sons of God!!!



David said, I have not refrained my lips, O Lord, thou knowest - Psalm 40:9 I exercise no restraint over my testimony "Harrison's translation of Psalms  in Hebrew

I have preached righteousness in the great congregation: lo, I have not refrained my lips, O Lord, thou knowest.  I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation; I have not concealed thy loving kindness and thy truth from the great congregation"

  (the world)
Psalm 144: 12 and 13
"that our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters  may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace; that our garners may be full, affording all manner of store; that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our streets!!"

Psalm 144:14
That there be no breaking in, nor going out; that there be no complaining in our streets There would be no more crime in the streets if people would witness and bring people to Jesus.

One Life to Live Will Soon Be Past - Only what is Done for Christ Will Last!   Go get them for Jesus!!!

Tips for Witnessing With Love from
Sondra Berry Young
Your Sis in His
  Harvest Field!


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