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Kings For A Day Outreach  
Johannesburg  South Africa

Dearest Friends:

  I was sitting in a car with my friend Stephanie Burnett on Christmas eve day at MacDonald's for breakfast. She turned to me and said what are you doing on Christmas day? I said I don't know yet. I have no plans. She said I don't either. So we came up with the idea to do something for Christmas for someone else. We went to downtown Johannesburg and picked up 9 street kids from the inner city who sleep on the streets, between ages 14-19. We found them in the park where they sleep. I spent all day Christmas eve day going out to buy food. I found a turkey, African sausage, chicken and lamb chops. Then I went to the shops and the LORD helped me to get a special deal on some sports bags which I chose over back packs, since it will be easier for them to carry and store in places.

 I quickly filled them with power ade, orange juice package, raisins, nuts, face cloth, deodorant, nice socks, tooth paste, soap, tooth brush, orange, apple, muffins, sweets etc. I even found a package of all different flavors of life savers. My mom used to stick that in our stocking at Christmas so if it was good enough for me it was good enough for them too! The next day CHRISTMAS we went and picked up the kids....they were ELATED and EXCITED. THEY BECAME KINGS FOR THE DAY!! I had set the table with my finest I had and all the food. Freddy, my computer man and neighbor came over and fired up the barbecue and cooked the meat. THANK THE LORD FOR HIM!

      We had about 10 liters of different soft drinks which quickly went, and baked beans (my moms favorite recipe) and bread rolls, fruit cake, nuts, Christmas cookies and the whole table was spread for them including Christmas napkins (they call them serviettes here-napkins are children's diapers here- we wouldn't want to serve on that now would we?) And we even had meat left over so I quickly called the guards, all 7 of them came in and had Christmas dinner as well, night shift and day shift were just changing. I had already given them their Christmas gift bags earlier on in the month. But when I brought out the 9 sports bags for the kids...they would not let go of them. Even when they stood up for food, they would not let go of them. We had to tell them, they were for them to keep for as long as they needed or wanted. How very special this was of the LORD to have made the way to get these sports bags.

         Thanks for your prayers and support that made the way to do this. After we ate we gave out the toys that were sent by Pastor Bill Tells church New Wine in Crestline, and Pastor Joan Loftus in Illinois. Diane Rose sent over 100 newly made cuddle animals which we will give out to the children in camps. Corrine and Don Hail and mother had previously sent boxes of blankets which I also want to  acknowledge as those were given out before Christmas and several other boxes which arrived which I don't have here at the computer.

        THANK YOU ONE AND ALL FOR EMPOWERING ME TO HELP OTHERS. Especially Pastor John and Lori Dessert for sending hundreds of books which we wrapped and gave out to Pastors and Ministers for Christmas across South Africa. Manna Fellowship who helped by so many toys for the squatter camps kids, and the theatre outreach we did Dec 8th taking 250 children who arrived at the movies. After supper that was fit for the KINGS FOR THE DAY we took them out by the Natural Bird reserve and Lake behind my house. They so enjoyed sitting and laying on the grass, watching the fish swim and blow bubbles in the water and just relax with a well fed belly. Oh yes, and of course they wanted to watch a video...we watch Crocodile Dundee.....with a crowed room full of kids that were made to feel like a KING FOR THE DAY!!  THE THING THAT REALLY BLESSED ME MORE THEN ANYTHING IS THAT I GOT TO DO SOMETHING TO SOMEONE I WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN...JUST AS THE BIBLE SAYS...WE SET A TABLE BEFORE THEM, GAVE THEM GIFTS AND BLESSED THEM IN THE NAME OF THE LORD.

      The Bible says when you give to the poor you lend to the LORD and he will repay.....well I pray he repays all of you for your love and help to help others. AND LASTLY...we were able to BLESS Pastor Anthony from Orange Farm Squatter camp with food for their family for Christmas and a BIG LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE TO PLANT IN THEIR CHURCH LOT in memory of my daughter Anna. We are starting a new project to plant trees in the townships and squatter camps in the church lots. there are no trees in Squatter camps if there are any at all I don't know about them....these will be fenced off and taken care of. We also gave him all the decorations to dress the tree and let the children in the area decorate it. On Christmas day they had planned a ceremony to dress the tree and give the children the toys that were sent over to us. Then on Christmas Eve day Mama Rose gave out more Toys we gave her for the squatter camp children. We had already given her about 300 cars, and over a thousand through out the areas to local people to give out. 

All of this simultaneously with the Leper Colony where Nimmo Bassey gave out Toys we sent to the Leper Colony kids...so all in all....children in Africa we made to feel like KINGS AND QUEENS for a day. I pray it helps give a little smile on their face and the Love of Christ in their hearts! 

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God Bless You In JESUS Name!
Sondra Berry Young




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